STS (Space Transportation System) or what we call the space shuttle. Im building an app about this amazing achivement of technology .

Still in progress but the first chapter (History) will be on the app store in a while and it will be FREE !








After you click on the History tab in the menu (see image above) you will come to this page where you get a historical introduction of the STS. the text block is scrollable and the background image will change every 5 minutes. With the use of the + and – icons you can navigate thru the app.








When you click on the + button you will get the history menu with all the extras. Images, Video, Map, Timeline and Soon…








The image page is clean and makes you focus on the image. Above the image a short to the point title and below the image a small scroll menu with all the available images so you can easily choose what you want to see.








If you want more information about the image you are looking adjust click on the + button and you will get a drop down with all the information.








The video page I build on the same concept as the pictures page but the text block with extra info about what you are looking at is at the right side of the video.








The map page shows you in this case historical locations that have to do with STS. There are four major topics in the menu in the bottom left on the page and when you click on a location pointer if will give you a pop up with information and if applicable a link the more information.








The timeline gives you overview of the early history of STS from the fist plans to the last flight and everything in between. The menu give you a clear navigation and makes it easy to swap thru all the years.