BTA (Bonilla Torregroza Architecture) is an architecture company and I made a proof of concept for a app to show there past, current and future projects




After opening the app (the intro is a small animation with images an then revealing the logo) You can swipe down to get the menu or click the menu button in the top right corner. The menu has four main items.




The Firm page gives you general information about the company. At the bottom you can select one of the principals to get more specific information.




On the principle page you will get more specific information and you can browse thru images to see some of the work done.





BTA_04When you click on the projects page you will get an overview with all the projects available, when you click on one of then you will get the page with the option for a project, Details, Images, and Location information.




On the Images page you can browse thru the available images for the project and get more info about what you are looking at with a single tap.





The map option gives an overview of the projects worked on or still in progress. Divided by colors. By clicking on a map pointer you will get a brief overview what you are looking at and you can click to go strait to the projects page.









Clean contact pages with only that what you need to know, plus a map location and a in app mail option.