Data visualisation/analytics

Raw UNIX data



Data visualisation/analytics , how to get numbers in to something understandable for everybody.

In this case how to convert system data in understandable Charts and if possible push them to a internal website.



UNIX data converted to easy to understand / readable charts




Data visualisation, or optimising workflows can be done in many ways. Lots of companies do not have a clue they already all the required tools available to make a great looking data presentation. It is the lack of experience / knowhow to take the step in making data better to understand and workflows more efficient. In the end it will save time and money!



The Raw UNIX data visualised in a website


In the examples above I needed to convert raw UNIX data to something easy to understand for the stakeholders.
The process included to automatically copy the unix data to a windows system so it could be converted to values I could work with inside of Excel.
Next step was to visualise this data in plain charts that could show the information within a couple of seconds, all off course done automatically.
The next challenge was to automatically copy the excel created charts to a intranet site so the stakeholders could see the information whenever needed.

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