Creating the Album Cover for Altus’s “Saturation”: A Journey Through Time and Space.

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In the realm of music, an album cover is more than just a visual introduction; it’s a gateway into the thematic heart of the music itself. My latest project, designing the cover for Altus’s new album “Saturation,” was a thrilling journey through the intertwined themes of disillusionment, decay, and the passage of time, set against the backdrop of the vastness of space.

The Inspiration: A Tale of Time and Consequences

The band provided me with a captivating introduction that served as my guiding light. It spoke of disillusionment, a sense of loss, and a retrospective glance at a “rotten” past. The narrative was poignant, filled with references to the inevitable passage of time and the consequences that follow. It was a story of control and deception, tinged with a nostalgic longing for what once was and a foreboding sense of what the future holds.

Visualizing Disillusionment: The Artistic Process

To encapsulate these profound themes, I turned to the cosmos for inspiration. Space, in its infinite expanse, was the perfect canvas to portray the album’s central motifs. I chose a NASA worm type of typography for the album and band names, aligning with the album’s space and otherworldly theme. This typography, known for its clean, modern lines, complemented the album’s futuristic yet retrospective essence.

The use of globes and celestial imagery in the design process helped in visualizing the themes of decay and the passage of time. The globes, with their spherical perfection, contrasted beautifully with the concept of deterioration, representing the cycle of life and the inevitable nature of change.

The Final Touch: Album Name and Imagery

“Saturation,” the album’s title, was crafted using the NASA worm typography, symbolizing a saturation not just of sound, but of emotion and experience. The band name, Altus, received the same typographic treatment, creating a cohesive visual identity that mirrors the depth and complexity of their music.

The cover art, which I will add later, is a testament to the power of visual storytelling. It’s an amalgamation of the themes discussed, a visual representation of the band’s exploration of time, consequences, and the human experience.

Conclusion: A Synthesis of Sound and Sight

Designing the album cover for “Saturation” by Altus was an enriching experience that challenged me to delve deep into the themes of the music and represent them visually. The end result is a cover that doesn’t just introduce the album but invites listeners on a journey through the landscapes of time and space, echoing the profound themes of the music within.

Listen to the music here

This blog post is a mere glimpse into the creative process behind the album cover for “Saturation” by Altus. The themes of time, space, and the human condition are universally resonant, and through this project, I’ve attempted to weave these elements into a visual narrative that complements the band’s musical exploration.

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