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Architrck – Site Survey is the new app for making your site survey easy and organized.
Take this app into the field, complete a full survey, create a beautiful PDF and send your documents directly from within the app.


The app keeps track of all the comprehensive information necessary for an accurate site survey from addresses of contractors, to electrical information and permit restrictions.
Upload your drawings (PNG files), add up to 20 pointers to the drawing where you have items that need attention, allowing you to add and annotate pictures right on the spot.

All available options within Architrck – Site Survey

(can be formatted to your specific needs)

– Project address info
– Project brief
– Survey Company info
– Contact information on site
– Contact information landlord
– Map
– Typology
– Unit Information
– Provided drawings
– Key dates
– Metropolitan area info
– Metropolitan map
– Delivery & pick-up possibilities (incl. pictures)
– Parking (incl. pictures)
– Local regulations
– Specific delivery times
– Noisy work restrictions
– Disposal of waste restrictions  (incl. pictures)
– Registration restrictions
– Contact person deliveries
– Opening times centre
– Truck restrictions
– Available for delivery
– Other remarks
– Physical information
– Structure dimensions
– Structure defects
– Structure defects images (up to 16)
– Architectural Survey
– Store front info (incl. drawing)
– Signage & Hoarding
– Section drawing
– Ground floor
– Research
– Safety & Locks
– Additional notes
– Depending on the amount of floors more info can be visible
– Mechanical & Electrical
– Electrical information
– Mechanical information
– Sprinkler system
– Smoke venting system
– Internet & Audio
– Technical management
– Permits & Building restrictions
– Permits issued center
– Specific request
– Building permissions
– Trade authority
– Insurance
– Building restrictions
– Additional document
– Extra notes